Counseling and Wellness


Counseling and Wellness believes in coordination of all services with community agencies to help support changes for the clients we serve.


Currently we provide the following services for clients:


Domestic Violence Evaluations:

Our agency provides Domestic Violence Evaluations. All clients that are required to complete Domestic Violence Treatment or is considered for Treatment, must complete first a Domestic Violence Evaluation.

Domestic Violence Batters Treatment:

This program follows both the OAR and WAC to reduce the incidents of domestic violence in our community through education and holding clients accountable for the choices they have made that have led to domestic violence in their families.


Family and Individual Therapy: 

Our agency provides both family and individual therapy. I specialize in the most difficult family issues that so often have a devastating impact on individuals and families.


Family Mediation:

Our agency provides family mediation to couples that are involved in Family Court with issues that continue to impact their children and lives of the families involved. Understanding the valve of putting the children’s needs first is the goal for this mediation, despite anger and resentment adult couples may have toward one another.


Post Tramatic Stress Disorder:

In coordination with the Longview Emergency Support Shelter, Counseling and Wellness provides a free 12 week PTSD group at the shelter. Please contact Shelter to sign up for the group.


Practical Parenting:

In coordination with Kelso, Wa DSHS, Counseling and Wellness provides Practical Parenting for parents involved with CPS/DCFS. Please contact your social worker to sign up for this group.


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Mailing Address:
PO BOX 1379
Rainier, OR 97048