Therapy Designed For A Better Future

Counseling and Wellness is a domestic abuse treatment center that promotes positive change in both St. Helens, OR and Longview, WA. Through various forms of therapy, clients will learn what the root of their actions are and be encouraged to form positive and healthy relationships. We also believe it takes a village to reach recovery, which is why we coordinate with friends, family and the community to best serve each of our clients. Change begins here.

Domestic Violence Evaluations

In order to help our clients in treatment, Counseling and Wellness must conduct a domestic violence evaluation. The evaluation is the first step in treatment and helps us understand the issues that led to the abuse and the overall risk for the client. Every evaluation comes directly from the court and is required in order to start treatment.

Domestic Violence Batterers Treatment

Counseling and Wellness is dedicated to preventing domestic violence by educating our community and helping individuals and families affected by abuse. We value change and the courage our clients show to accept responsibility for their abusive behavior and seek to understand the impact their abuse has on their families.

Individual, Family and Couples Counseling

We believe one cannot be healed completely on their own, which is why we offer family and couples therapy based on our client’s needs. Each therapy session will consist of open discussions about the abuse, because communication is key when it comes to mending and growing healthy relationships with the ones you love.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Classes (PTSD)

Confronting your past can be difficult and overwhelming. It can also interfere with your relationships and constrict you from living your life to the fullest. Counseling and Wellness provides free PTSD counseling in coordination with the Longview Emergency Support Shelter. Clients will participate in 12-week PTSD classes to help them heal and reduce trauma-related symptoms. Please contact your case manager to sign up for this group.

Practical Parenting

In coordination with Kelso, Wa DSHS, Counseling and Wellness provides Practical Parenting for parents involved with CPS/DCFS. It is an 8 week group meant to help parents identify issues that have led to your open case and begin the process of addressing those issues to become the healthy parents your children need you to be.

Please contact your social worker to sign up for this group.

Domestic Violence Counseling in St. Helens, OR & Longview, WA